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Year 5—Mandela Class

Welcome to Mandela Class  

Age: 9-10

Teaching Team: Mrs. Petrie  Support Staff: Mrs. Aboin 

Year 5 is an exciting phase for our students as they transition into upper Key Stage 2. This year presents new challenges and opportunities for growth, and our children eagerly embrace the complexity of their learning journey, building resilience along the way. 

In Mandela Class, we believe in enriching our students' experiences. Throughout the year, we offer a range of captivating opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. These include immersive visits to the British Museum, enlightening trips to a local Mosque, and fascinating stargazing adventures at the Planetarium. We also explore the world of Shakespeare through engaging performances by the Young Shakespeare Company, and our students benefit from workshops conducted by experts from the National Archives and the Money Matters program. Moreover, we continue to foster outdoor learning through our Forest School program and offer swimming lessons in the latter part of the school year. 

Academically, Year 5 is about achieving mastery. We ensure that by year-end, all our students are confident in their grasp of the Year 5 English and mathematics curriculum. Beyond the core subjects, our Design and Technology curriculum ignites creativity. Students design and build their own burgers, engineer electronic fairground rides, and craft floating Viking Longboats. In art and design, we inspire creativity by having students create and decorate pots inspired by Ancient Greek artwork, replicate biome-inspired designs by William Morris, and utilize mixed media to craft their own Viking broach. We intentionally align our Art and DT curriculum with our history and geography lessons, creating a holistic understanding of topics like Ancient Greece, modern Europe, biomes, North America, and the Vikings and Anglo Saxons. 

Online safety and digital literacy remain paramount in our computing curriculum. We have planned workshops to support parents in understanding and ensuring their children's online safety. Our music curriculum offers students an opportunity to explore the world of musical theatre, the Blues, and various classical pieces, fostering a deep appreciation for music. 

The Year 5 team is excited to work closely with our students and families this year. Our goal is to create a year filled with not only enriched learning but also cherished memories, so that every child looks forward to school and feels confident as they step into Year 6. 

Should you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of our team. We are here to support your child's educational journey.  

Please click on the link below to the read the Mandela Class curriculum map.